Yellow Golden Delicious Apple Tree



Malus domestica

This highly productive tree produces more delicious apples than you can find in supermarkets.  The large, golden yellow apples ripens in late September and have a crisp sweet flavor.  A favorite for cooking, baking, sauces, and for eating fresh.  These apples store well, and can last 3-6 months if refrigerated.  It typically takes 3 years after planting until the tree will begin to produce fruit.

Arbor Advisor promotes the planting of the semi-dwarf variety for Colorado which grow to between 12-15 feet tall with a similar width, requiring less garden space.  This also allows you to pick the apples without needing an tall ladder to reach the top.   This is a nice looking small tree which has beautiful pink and white spring flowers.  The flowers are followed by smooth green leaves which casts a nice shade underneath.  The tree’s leaves turn a beautiful yellow in the fall.

Full sun is required and it is recommended it is pruned annually.  This apple tree requires watering in the summer heat especially in the first couple years after planting while the roots are getting established.  These trees are best planted in lawn areas and as an accent tree.  It is cold-hardy and heat-tolerant.  This is a self-pollinating tree, meaning, you only have to plant one to get fruit.  If you’re planting other apple trees, this tree acts as a very reliable pollinator for other apple varieties.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum elevation: 7,000 ft.

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