Triumph Elm



Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’

The Triumph™ Elm is a great tree for both residential or commercial properties.  It has an upright vase shaped form with strong branching and dark green foliage.  These new “Trumph” Elm’s are not like those of the past that were susceptible to Dutch Elm disease.  This tree is exceptionally resistant to disease and pests.  The Triumph Elm develops softly arching branches as it matures.  Elms are adaptable to a wide variety of soil conditions and come in both vase-shaped and weeping forms.  The Triumph Elm leaves turn a yellow/gold color in the fall.  This tree grows extremely fast – up to 3 feet per year initially and in maturity 1.5 feet per year.

Elms prefer full sun and is very adaptable to wide ranges in soil pH, moisture, wind and heat.  Note: this tree has very strong and aggressive roots which can probably break sidewalks and raise pavement if trees are improperly located.  This tree is best located in the yard and used as a shade tree.  This tree does very well in Colorado and quickly grows to be roughly 50 feet tall by 30 feet wide at the crown.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 Feet

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