Thinleaf Alder



Alnus tenuifolia

A native Colorado plant with dark green foliage, turning yellow in fall.  It has spring flower clusters before the leaves emerge.  It is a small to medium size tree 15–20 ft tall and 12-14 feet wide with smooth grey bark even in old age (60 years).  It has reddish bark and small cone-like seeds in fall and winter.  This tree has an upright habit and does well in moist soils.  It has been known to have some stump suckers which shoot up around the tree but not problematic.  This tree comes in either single stem or multi-stem “clump” (most common) form.

This is an extremely hardy small tree for difficult wet sites.  It’s not particularly striking with ornamental features, but is generally a neat, clean choice for landscape purposes.

Mature Height:  15-20 feet

Mature Width:  12-14 feet

Hardy to -50°F

Maximum Elevation: 10,000 Feet

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