Tannenbaum Pine (Semi Dwarf)



Pinus mugho ‘Tannenbaum’

A perfect smaller sized evergreen for small yards.  A perfectly shaped, tough-as-nails, dwarf pine tree. ‘Tannenbaum’ has an open shape in youth but consistently matures to a compact, pyramidal form.  Its needles are dark green and medium in length and it produces cones at an early age.

The Tannenbaum Pine has rich green foliage with a hint of gray/blue and stays full during winter.  This tree is highly adaptable to a wide range of environmental and climatic conditions and very hardy in cold weather.  At maturity, expect this tree to reach 10 to 12-feet tall and 6-8 feet wide after 25 years.

Maximum Elevation: 8,500 Feet
Cold Hardy to -40°F

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