Swamp White Oak



Quercus bicolor

The Swamp White Oak tree is a beautiful tree native to the United States which grows very well in the Boulder and Denver areas.  This oak grows well in either normal or swampy areas such as poorly drained sites.  This is a fast growing tree which produces some small yellow flowers in spring – which is why it is one of the favorites in the front range.  As all Oak trees, this tree produces acorns which shed in September or October.

This tree can live to be 300-350 years old and is one of the best shade producing trees with a rounded crown and dense foliage.  The Swamp White Oak has dark green leaves which become golden orange and red in fall.  It’s bark sheds in ragged, papery flakes which provides great winter interest.  It has stiff branches and it holds up well in tough conditions such as ice freezing and thawing.

This tree grows to be 40-60 feet at maturity, is highly adaptable, and should be planted in full or mostly full sun.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 7,000 ft.

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