Spring Snow Crabapple



Malus ‘Spring Snow’

The Spring Snow Crabapple is a dense, oval shaped upright tree with bright green leaves, turning yellow in the fall.  This is a fruitless crabapple so there is no mess on patios and in courtyards.  In the spring, this tree has stunning fragrant double white flowers along its branches which create a garland of white blooms.

Plant this tree in a location with full sun and well drained soil, and you can use it as either a privacy screen or as an accent plant. This is a low-branched tree, so keep in mind that it will block a view (which can be good or bad).

It has a good resistance to rust and mildew and established trees have some drought tolerance.  Although some flowers may be lost, it is best to prune this tree as needed in late winter.  Spring pruning should be avoided as it produces fresh, open cuts where fireblight bacterium can enter.

Hardy to -35°F
Maximum Elevation: 8,000 ft.


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