Robinson Crabapple



Malus ‘Robinson’

The Robinson Crabapple is a very popular tree in Colorado because you get huge pink blooms (1.5″ in diameter) in the spring, a great looking tree year round, and a tree that resists most diseases and pests which can plague other varieties of crabapples.  This tree typically blooms a little earlier than the other flowering trees which is a welcomed sight after winter.  It’s summer foliage is bronze-green and changes to a nice coppery-orange in fall.

This tree is best used as a landscaping tree in the yard or a featured tree in the landscape.  This tree produces small red berries (3/8″ in diameter) which attracts birds and butterflies.  The fruit can also be harvested and used for jams.  It has an upright and wide spreading canopy which grows to 15-20 feet tall and 15 feet wide at maturity.  This tree is extremely easy to grow and requires little maintenance other than occasional summer watering during the first couple years.  This tree grows fast and should be planted in full sun.  Although it is not necessary – pruning every couple years can help define its shape, which should ideally be done in the winter.

Hardy to -30 F Max. Elevation 7,500 ft.

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