Reliance Peach



Prunus persica ‘Reliance’

Considered the hardiest of all peach tree varieties, the Reliance Peach tree thrives in Colorado’s front range.  The Reliance also typically produces more peaches than other varieties.  This tree bears medium-to-large freestone fruit around mid August with a sweet, mild flavor.  The Reliance peach tree, after exhibiting beautiful pink flowers in early spring, produces a peach with dark red skin.  This a tough tree that is fast growing and can adapt to many soil types as long as it is well draining.  For optimal fruit production it should be pruned annually.  This tree should be planted in full sun.  Reliance peach trees grow naturally to average heights of 8 to 15 feet tall by 10-12 feet wide, but can be trimmed to fit most areas.

Hardy to -25°
Maximum elevation: 6,000 ft

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