Red Delicious Apple Tree



Malus sylvestris ‘Red Delicious’

The Red Delicious apple is the most widely grown variety in the world.  It should be noted that Red Delicious and Golden Delicious (the other ArborAdvisor recommended apple tree) are entirely different varieties of apple tree.  Red Delicious apples are sweet but very mild flavor, the flesh is juicy with a light crispness.  Blooms appear around mid April, with fruit ripening around mid September.  NOTE: Unlike the Golden Delicious, this tree needs a different variety of apple tree nearby for pollination.  It may be smart to look around your property (100 yards) to see if a neighbor already has an apple tree which would act as a pollinator for your tree.

This tree can grow to between 15-20 feet tall with an equal spread, resulting in relatively rounded crown and pleasing landscape appearance which can last up to 50 years.  In the spring, clusters of small white flowers with subtle pink hues will adorn its branches with their fragrant elegance.  In the summer, dark green leaves adorn a rounded shape which turns a brilliant yellow in autumn, sprinkled with deep red fruit.

This is a hearty tree which grows very well in Colorado’s front range.

Hardy to -30°F

Maximum elevation: 7,500 ft.

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