Radiant Crabapple



Malus ‘Radiant’

The Radiant Crabapple is an ornamental tree with edible fruit. The Radiant Crabapple is named for its “radiant” bloom of aesthetically pleasing color is provides in the landscape.   It’s single, deep pink blossoms are followed by persistent red fruit, providing food for birds in winter.  The flower buds swell into the deep pink 1 1/3-inch blossoms that will cover your tree for weeks in the spring and provide a beautiful fragrance.

The leaves on this Crabapple display their red-purple spring hues before then turning a vigorous green of summer.  In the fall the tree turns bright orange-red with ½-inch crabapples which will ripen, ready for you to harvest for cider or various culinary dishes if you’d like.  If not you can leave them for the wildlife with very little yard mess.

The Radiant Crabapple is a moderately fast growing tree with a broad, globe shaped crown.  It needs to be watered occasionally in the heat of the summer and planted in full sun.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 8,000 Feet

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