Quaking Aspen



Populus tremuloides

A medium sized, upright deciduous tree native to Colorado.  Small, heart-shaped leaves are a waxy-green in summer and brilliant shades of yellow to gold in the fall.  A fast growing tree with smooth, white bark that becomes furrowed with age.  This tree can be purchased in single stem or multi-stem “clump” form.  Aspens can be planted in full or partly sunny areas.  A very adaptable tree for a wide range of soil conditions.

It should be noted that Aspen trees don’t always do well in the front range and have been know to have roots that spring up small sucker trees around the area below.  Aspens are naturally a “succession” tree, moving into areas where other trees and shrubs were removed by logging, fire, erosion, insects or disease.  As a succession species, they are not long lived and can be prone to disease and insect damage.  It is smart to plant a few of these together as they seem to do best planted in groves.  We did not remove them from the Arbor Advisor list however because of their iconic Colorado status, shimmering beauty, and the fact that they are perfect for certain types of planting locations – just not all.

Mature Height: 30-35 feet

Mature Width: 15 feet

Hardy to -50°F

Maximum Elevation: 10,000 ft.

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Dimensions 5956198 in

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