Ponderosa Pine



Pinus ponderosa

The Ponderosa Pine, also known as Pinus Ponderosa, Bull Pine, Blackjack Pine, or Western Yellow Pine is native to the western US and Canada.  If you’re looking for an evergreen tree but don’t want to give up the ground space – this tree is for you.  It’s branches start well above the ground and this tree thrives in Colorado.

This tree has a large trunk and long limbs so it will need a lot of room to branch out.  This tree is fantastic and adds lovely color and remains green throughout the entire year.  Young ponderosa pines have a black/bfown bark but it matures into a orange/red bark.  This tree grows a deep tap root which makes it a good choice in a windy site. Very cold hardy and drought tolerant tree.  Space these trees 15 feet apart.

This tree requires full sun and is a fast growing tree to a mature height of 50-80 feet and width of 25 feet.

Hardy to -40°F
Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft.


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