Kentucky Coffeetree



‘Gymnocladus dioicus’

The Kentucky Coffee tree is a large, hardy, moderately fast growing tree which provides filtered shade, growing up to 40 feet tall.  This tree can be seen all around Denver as it is a very popular street and yard tree due to its fast growth rate, adaptability, and low maintenance needs.  It has leathery, olive-brown pods which are 5-10 inches long with large round seeds. NOTE: This trees seeds, leaves, and pulp are toxic for dogs and humans if eaten.  Its leaves emerge pinkish, turn dark green in summer and golden yellow in fall.

This tree requires very low water maintenance once established.  Recommended planting site is in full sun with well drained soils. It is prone to snow loading damage which should be considered when planting near areas where snow is piled up in winter.  It has very strong bark, and can withstand damage by animals, including deer.  The Kentucky Coffeetree is a top choice by city foresters in cold climates such as Denver.  This tree can be planted in landscaping as a shade tree, alongside the street, or in problematic areas.

Hardy to -40°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,500 Feet

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