Japanese Pagoda Tree



Sophora Japonica

The Japanese Pagoda tree is actually native to China, not Japan.  It was traditionally planted around Buddhist temples due to its beautiful flowers.  It has strands of 1-2 inch leaflets and creamy white fragrant flowers in the spring. The flowers then turn into 3-8 inch green pods that mature into yellow-green fruits, with the large beans within thin pods which persists through the winter.  It should be noted that these pods can resultant some litter underneath the tree of the fruits which need periodic cleaning up especially if the tree is planted over walks or driveways.   It should be noted that the seed pods have poisonous qualities if ingested by animals and humans.  Its fall color is not as showy as others on ArborAdvisor, with leaves turning a green-yellow.

This tree can be utilized either as a shade tree or a large ornamental accent tree.  You can see this tree in Denver growing in lawns along York Street, in Washington Park, and in front of Union Station in cutout sidewalk pits.

The Japanese Pagoda has a rapid growth rate at a young age and a moderate rate in maturity.  It is very hardy and tolerant to heat, pollution, and drought and does well in Colorado’s front range.  At maturity this tree will grow to roughly 65 feet tall and 45 feet wide.

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