Heritage River Birch



Betula nigra ‘Cully’

The Heritage River Birch is an iconic tree around Colorado for its highly textured and colorful pealing bark.  This versatile, highly heat tolerant tree thrives with high water tables and problematic low wet soils, yet adapts to mild drought once established.  If planted in a non-wet area, this tree will need to be watered regularly during the summer months for the first couple years.  This tree requires full sun to partial sun.  The Heritage River Birch is possibly the most adaptable and heat tolerant of the birches. Avoid pruning in spring when the sap is running.  This tree is resistant to bronze birch borer.  This tree will grow to roughly 45 feet tall by 30 feet wide at maturity.

This tree is sold either in clump form (most often) or single stem form.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft.


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