Crimson Spire Oak



Quercus robur ‘Crimschmidt’

The Crimson Spire Oak is one of the most popular new tree varieties to appear in decades, and has become a favorite all over the United States.  The Crimson Spire Oak is a hybrid of the White Oak and English Oak trees – inheriting the upward branches and adaptability of the English Oak and dark green, mildew-resistant foliage and adaptability of the White Oak.  This tree is a fast-growing, hardy, columnar tree that’s a great fit for both streetscapes and landscape settings.  It reaches about 35 feet in height with a 7-10 foot spread in a typical urban landscape setting – making it an excellent choice for narrow spaces.

The dark green leaves turn rusty red in mid to late autumn.  The leaves will turn brown and many will persist through the winter.  Dense foliage creates living screens for blocking unsightly views and muffling traffic sounds.  Its columnar form is a perfect fit for narrow or confined spaces.  You can plant this tree alone, in groves, or in rows – it’s the perfect vertical design element.  The Crimson Spire Oak thrives in Colorado’s front range and requires low maintenance.  It is cold hardy, drought tolerant, disease resistant, and adapts to varied soils and tough urban growing conditions.  It is a long lived tree that will provide many years of shade, privacy, and enjoyment.

Available in either a low-branched form or with the branching starting higher up.  (Please specify in the notes section if you have a preference).

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft.

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