Cornelian Cherry Dogwood



Cornus Mas

The Cornelian Cherry Dogwood tree, also called “Cornelian Cherry”, are hardy small ornamental trees.  They are highly adaptable due to their size and the fact that they can be planted in full sun or partial sun.  This tree remains beautiful in all seasons.  In the spring yellow flowers appear before the leaves appear.  In the summer this tree produces olive shaped red fruits which are edible.  This fruit can be eaten fresh, used in pies, preserves and syrups.  Depending on the year, this tree can turn a reddish-purple in the fall but almost always a red and yellow fall foliage.  This is a self-pollinating tree meaning you only have to plant one to get fruit, however, it does much better with another variety of pollinator somewhere nearby.

This tree can be used in a lot of situations including in partly shady areas such as under or nearby large trees, overhangs, or side-yards.  Scaly bark that curls back and can be displayed by removing lower branches to make a tree form.  If left alone, this tree will grow into a bushy shrub – which acts as great screening and hedges if that is the intention.

This tree does very well in Colorado’s front range and should be planted in areas that have good drainage.  It should be watered occasionally especially the first couple years, and then ongoing on a periodic basis during the summer months.  Overall a low maintenance tree which grows to be around 12-15 feet tall on average in Colorado.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 5,500 ft.

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