Cleveland Select Flowering Pear



Pyrus calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’

The Cleveland Select Flowering Pear is a hardy ornamental tree.  It’s upright, narrow pyramid shaped tree provides all seasons of beauty.  It works perfectly for smaller yards where space is limited or along the street where it won’t get hit by cars or street sweepers passing by the curb.

The spring flowers are so dense that they seem to blanket the tree in white blossoms which provide a light fragrance.  The tree has small heart-shaped glossy, green leaves, which, in the fall those leaves turn to a warm red/purple hue.

The Cleveland Flowering Pear thrives in almost all soil types and is heat and pollution tolerant.  It grows to 20-30 feet tall at maturity in around 15 feet wide in Colorado.  It requires low maintenance, is extremely hearty, and does very well in cold weather.

Hardy to -30°F

Maximum Elevation: 6,500 Feet

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