Bur Oak



Quercus macrocarpa

The Bur Oak makes an outstanding ornamental shade tree and is one of the most tolerant white oaks.  It is sometimes spelled Burr Oak and is also called “Mossycup Oak”.

Oak trees live a very long time – typically between 200-300 years.  This beautiful tree is tolerant of most soil and water conditions and adapts well to urban settings.  From Texas to Alaska, the Bur Oak adapts to its environment.  From spring to summer the Bur Oak has distinctive shiny, deep green leaves.  This tree is not know to be a brilliantly colored fall tree, but it’s leaves do turn a orange/brown before falling for the winter.  Shortly after the arrival of the leaves in the spring your oak will flower with yellow-green catkins.  These small, elegant flowers are where the acorns will originate.  The acorns of the Bur Oak are the largest of all North American oaks.  They are very important to wildlife as a food source.

You can expect this tree to grow to between 50-60 feet tall and 40-50 feet wide at the canopy.  This is a beautiful, rugged tree that will bring wildlife to your yard and last for many generations, the Bur Oak is a great choice.

Hardy to -50°F
Maximum Elevation: 7,500 ft.

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