Bloodgood London Planetree



Platanus acerifolia ‘Bloodgood’

Don’t let this tree’s off-putting name fool you, the Bloodgood London Planetree is a fantastic tree for the Colorado front range.  This is a popular street tree which can also be used as a yard shade tree.  This tree was discovered in London where the first hybrid was discovered to thrive in the sooty air around 1645, while still providing wonderful shade.  This tree can withstand pollution, drought, disease, and the challenges of urban growing environments.

This tree has great winter interest with exfoliating bark which reveals patches of light brown, olive, and cream.  This tree grows medium to fast depending on the soil and will grow 13-24 inches per year.  It has strong upward limbs which help reduce issues with snapping in freezing conditions.  It’s fall colors are not dramatic, however, due to its unique bark and branch shapes – makes for visual interest all year.  This is going to be a long lived and big shade tree with a pyramidal shaped canopy so make sure you plant it in the right spot!  It should grow to be about 75 feet tall and 50 feet wide, with a trunk circumference of 10 feet.

This tree needs to be planted in full sun and watered occasionally during the hot months during its first couple years after planted.

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