Black Tartarian Cherry



Prunus Avium ‘Black Tartarian’

The Black Tartarian Cherry is beautiful tree that provides excellent fruit.  ArborAdvisor recommends this tree be planted within 100 yards of the Bing Cherry (a recommended sweet cherry tree) for pollination purposes.  The Black Tartarian acts as a great pollinator for many cherry tree varieties and is a beautiful tree that provides years of delicious fruit.  This cherry tree is the quickest to produce fruit after planting – in only about 1 year.

This cherry tree will have an abundance of white, fragrant flowers in the spring which attracts butterflies.  As the summer arrives, the Black Tartarian will fill out with shiny green leaves and begin to form dark cherry fruit which will be ready to pick around June.  The Black Tartarian cherry is about 1-inch in size with a deeply purple hue.  The stone comes loose easily from the cherry, so even if you’re pitting the cherries, you won’t have to work very hard.

This tree is hardy, disease resistant, and tolerant of most soil conditions.  It is bigger than the other (semi-dwarf) cherry trees recommended by Arbor Advisor growing to around 25-30 feet tall.  This tree can be trimmed back to be smaller as needed.

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