Austrian Pine



Pinus nigra

The Austrian Pine is a fast growing pyramidal evergreen with wide spreading branches.  It is ‘Christmas Tree’ shaped when young, but at maturity, sometimes achieves a picturesque flat topped head.  Its 4-6 inch long needles are uniquely shiny green.

This is an extremely hearty tree that will tolerate limestone or acidic soils, dry rocky locations and windy conditions.  A number of Austrian Pines were planted during the dust bowl because they are one of the only varieties that could handle the dry, windy conditions and nutrient depleted soil – needless to say, this baby is tough.

This tree is a great landscaping tree or use as in urban settings due to its tolerance for salt and pollution.  Austrian pines are good for use as thick screens or windbreak.  For use as a screen, space 6 feet apart.  These trees do great in Colorado and grow to be roughly 35-45 feet tall by 25-35 feet wide.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 7,000 ft.

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