American Yellowwood Tree



Cladrastis Kentukea

The American Yellowwood is a medium sized, low branching deciduous tree which features a broad, rounded crown and typically grows to around 30 feet tall in Colorado.  This tree has 7-11 leaflets per stem which open in the spring as yellowish green, turn bright green in summer, and then turns beautiful yellow or orange in the fall.  The Yellowwood has intensely fragrant white flowers appear in late spring and early summer, often in alternate years.  These white, pea-like flowers form in 8 to 14 inch long clusters, followed by a flattened pod 2 to 4 inches long.  This tree may or may not flower for the first handful of years, depending on the soil and conditions, but once the bloom begins it is a spectacular sight.  Most often these trees are multi-trunked and have a smooth light gray bark.  Even though this tree is native to North America it is uncommon which makes it even more unique when you see it in a landscape.

The yellowwood is a moderate to slow growing tree which has a rounded bloom at maturity.  Once established this tree is drought tolerant and would be considered a low maintenance tree.  Basically just occasional watering in the middle of summer months and pruning as needed for shape (prune this tree in the summer).  This trees roots grow deep so other plants can be grown underneath where they will get filtered shade.   This tree is very adaptable and can planted in urban areas, used as a medium sized shade tree, near patios, or as a landscape tree.

This tree is a top choice among horticulturists and does very well in Colorado.  ArborAdvisor gives you a tip-of-the-cap for originality when you choose this tree.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft.

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