American Sycamore



Platanus occidentalis 

The American Sycamore is an excellent choice when a hardy, reliable tree resistant to pollution is needed for urban areas.  It is a native tree from Eastern North America and grows well in most states including Colorado.  This tree quickly grows into a large, attractive shade tree and will grow well on all but very dry soils.  This tree is very popular due to its attractive mottled bark, fast growth rate, adaptability to many planting environments and soils.  It’s leaves turn yellow in the fall but it is not known for its brilliant fall color.

Its handsome mottled bark and large leaves make it an asset in any location where there is room for it to grow and display its best features.  This tree will grow to 80 – 100 feet tall in time with a 30-50 foot spread, so plant your American Sycamore in the right spot with plenty of room.  This tree can be pruned to make an effective privacy screen.   This tree is a classic of small-town America and will look right at home on any larger property.  It has large leaves and good branching structure make this a very striking tree which holds up well in Colorado rapid freezing/thawing.

The American Sycamore can tolerate some shade when it is young but ideal planting condition should be in full sun.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft.

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