Gambel Oak



Quercus gambelii

The Gambel oak is also referred to as a Scrub Oak, Oak Brush, and White Oak.  This tree is an extremly hardy and adaptable tree native to the southwestern United States and can vary in size.  The primary dwarf variety is used as a shrub or small tree which is especially good for narrow areas or in Xeriscape landscaping.  This oak has shiny dark green leaves which are about 5 inches long with three or four rounded leathery textured leaves on each side of the stem.  The Gambel Oak produces small acorns which ripen in August or September.  The leaves turn a brilliant red in fall.  It can grow as a single tree with a rounded crown or form a dense thicket depending on the availability of water and if you buy it in stem or clump form.  Plant in full sun to partial shade, moist to semi dry, well drained or slightly rocky soil.  It has very little needs and is adaptable to harsh conditions.

At mature height this tree will get to be 8-15 feet tall and 6-12 feet wide, making it a great choice to plant under power lines or in narrow areas.

Hardy to -40F
Max. Elevation 9,000 Feet

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