Profusion Crabapple



Malus ‘Profusion

Looking to add some color to your yard?  This crabapple has intensive red flower buds which bloom into stunning purple-pink flowers.  Not only is this tree extremely hardy, disease resistant, and tolerant of most soils – the new leaves which appear early in the season are a rich coppery red which provides color most of the year.  The Profusion Crabapple has upright spreading branches with berry sized fruit – with very little of it dropping to the ground.  It is not a messy tree.  This tree does well in urban areas as well as in the country.  It is not bothered by pollution, salt, or deer.  This is a great flowering tree for small yards in particular as it only grows to about 15-20 feet tall with a broad canopy that stretches no wider than 20 feet.

This tree grows moderately fast and does best in full sun, but can also be planted in partial sun.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 7,500 ft.

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