Japanese Lilac



Syringa reticulata

Just as the early spring flowering trees are fading, the Japanese Tree Lilac to fill in the void in June with its fragrant smelling, showy flower blooms.

The Japanese Tree Lilac is typically planted as a multi-stemmed shrubby tree but can be formed into a taller single trunked tree over time if so desired.  It is famous for its fragrant, creamy-white panicles of flowers and long bloom time in the summer.  Unlike many of its peers, the Japanese Lilac’s flowers and leaves are on the tree at the same time.  This gives a beautiful and exotic look to your garden.  Its rigid branches form a small tree or large shrub. Deep green leaves turn a golden- yellow in fall.

This tree can be used in commercial landscapes and streetscapes as it is a very hardy tree that has proven that it can perform exceptionally well.  For the best floral display, plant the Japanese Tree Lilac where it will get plenty of sun.  The Japanese Tree Lilac has textured and striped, cherry tree-like bark that looks great even during the winter.  It is a slow growing tree and needs moderate watering, especially when young.  Great tree for planting under power lines.

Mature Height: 15-20 feet, Mature Width: 10-15 feet


Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 7,000 Feet

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