texas red oak tree arboradvisor of colorado
texas red oak tree arboradvisor of colorado
juvenile texas red oak tree arboradvisor of colorado

Texas Red Oak

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Quercus texana

The Texas Red Oak, also commonly referred to as Spanish Oak, Nuttall's Oak, Spotted Oak, Rock Oak, and Buckley Oak, is a large deciduous tree native to Oklahoma and Texas. The Texas Red Oak is the red oak tree recommendation by ArborAdvisor for Colorado. (It is almost indistinguishable from the Shumard Oak.)

This is a stately tree with a wide rounded crown which provides great summer shade. Like all oak trees, it produces oval acorns (to 1 1/2" long) with scaly cups that mature in two seasons after planting. (The acorns are loved by small mammals.) This tree has dark green leaves that are 4-8'' long. Its fall leaves range in color from yellow-gold to bright red depending on seasonal and soil conditions. This tree's colors change later in the season, so while other trees are already turning brown, this tree will still be brightly colored.

The Texas Red Oak is very popular due to its fast growth rate, ease of care, fall color, and ability to thrive in varying soils including semi-wet areas. This tree is popular with city foresters along the Colorado Front Range. It does well in winter conditions and makes a perfect shade tree, street tree, or ornamental tree. This tree usually reaches a height of around 35-50 feet and a canopy width around 30-35 feet at maturity.

Hardy to -20°F
Maximum Elevation: 5,500 Feet