needles of a skyrocket juniper tree arboradvisor of colorado
cluster of skyrocket juniper trees arboradvisor of colorado
hedge of skyrocket juniper trees arboradvisor of colorado
skyrocket juniper trees in various stages of growth arboradvisor of colorado

Skyrocket Juniper

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Juniperus scopulorum 'Skyrocket'

Completely maintenance free, the Skyrocket Juniper is a great tree for Colorado! This tree is ideal for areas where you need height, but you don't want to sacrifice ground space for a wide based tree. This tree is very fast growing at roughly 1 foot per year and will reach mature height in roughly 10 years. The Skyrocket Juniper is a dusty green-blue all yearno browning or fading.

This is THE Arbor Advisor recommended evergreen for narrow spaces as it is drought resistant, highly adaptable, pest free, fast growing, and beautiful. It also does not require pruning! Just plant it in full sun and watch it grow. This tree is best used in urban gardens, as a privacy screen, or in narrow spaces.

This tree will reach a mature height of 15 feet, and 3-4 feet wide.

Hardy to -30°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,500 ft.