leaves and fruit on a bing cherry tree from arboradvisor of colorado
showy pink flowers on a bing cherry tree from arboradvisor of colorado
cherries ripening on a bing cherry tree from arboradvisor of colorado
soft pink flowers of a bing cherry tree from arboradvisor of colorado
flowering bing cherry tree from arboradvisor of colorado

Bing Cherry

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Prunus avium ‘Bing’

Bing Cherry is one of the best and most famous cherry tree varieties. This is ArborAdvisor's SWEET cherry tree recommendation for Colorado. The Montmorency Cherry tree is the SOUR variety recommendation. The main difference between the two is the Montmorency is self-pollinating so you can plant just one to get fruit, the Bing, however, requires a pollinator tree nearby to help it produce fruit. (Yes, both cherries taste great in pies.)

Bing Cherry is a beautiful small fruit tree with spring flowers and delicious sweet cherries. In early spring, this tree is covered in beautiful white flowers.  Later in the spring and through the summer bright green leaves persist with deep garnet, almost-black looking fruit. At maturity, this tree will reach 16-20 feet but can be held to any height with pruning. The cherries are very large, dark, deliciousgreat for baking and preserves. Its cherries will be ready to harvest in mid to late June.

Note: The Bing Cherry does require cross-pollination, so another variety of cherry tree nearby is necessary if you want it to produce fruit. Although almost any other sweet cherry will cross-pollinate with a Bing, we recommend the Black Tartarian Cherry tree which does well in Colorado and is a great pollinator tree. You may consider looking at existing trees within 100 feet of your property to see if a pollinator tree already exists.

As with all cherry trees, the Bing has a beautiful round shape for a featured spot in the landscape. It is extremely winter hardy and very adaptable. Fruiting time can take a couple of years depending on soil and weather.

Hardy to -30°
Maximum elevation: 6,000 ft