Does ArborAdvisor plant my trees for me?
No, ArborAdvisor is a database and online store providing 75 of the best tree options for the Colorado Front Range. Once you make your purchase, ArborAdvisor delivers the trees to your house for free. We will leave you with directions on how you or someone you know (neighbor, spouse, etc.) can plant and care for the tree.

What is the return policy?
ArborAdvisor handpicks and delivers healthy trees. It is up to you to keep the tree alive, therefore, we do not accept returns.

Where does ArborAdvisor deliver to?
Generally, we deliver to the greater Denver metro area all the way up to Fort Collins. To check your location coverage, put something in the cart and and type in your zip code on the cart page.

When can I expect delivery?
On the cart page, select a delivery window on the available date of your choice. ArborAdvisor will deliver the tree to your front door during that window. Please make sure you use your correct phone number during the checkout process. We typically do deliveries on Saturday mornings.

Does Arbor Advisor do tree removal, stump grinding, landscaping, tree planting, or any other related services?
No, Arbor Advisor is a online store and tree delivery service only. However, we can put you in touch with a service provider in many cases. Feel free to send us a message about what you're looking for and we'll send a recommendation.