american sentry linden tree from arboradvisor of colorado
cluster of american sentry linden trees in the fall from arboradvisor of colorado
american sentry linden tree in a park from arboradvisor of colorado
american sentry linden tree in lawn from arboradvisor of colorado
group of american sentry linden trees from arboradvisor of colorado

American Sentry Linden

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Tilia americana ‘McKSentry’

The American Sentry Linden is a large, fast-growing shade tree also referred to as an American Basswood Tree. It is a hardy shade tree, with a tall stately presence, providing great shade during hot summer months. This is a low maintenance tree–basically just plant it in a full sun location and watch it grow. (Just water occasionally in the first couple years during the hot summer months).

It grows to roughly 45 feet in height with a spread of 20 feet, substantial enough for a large landscape, but not too big or wide for a more smaller yard. It has heart shaped leaves that give a full effect to its spreading branches. The Linden is resistant to Japanese Beetles which are plaguing the Ash trees around Colorado.

This tree has fragrant smelling yellow clusters of yellow flowers that grace its branches in the spring. As summer progresses you’ll enjoy watching woody, pea-sized seeds form. Their light green shade provides a slight variation in color throughout your tree for the late summer. When autumn appears, your Linden’s leaves will take a dramatic step as green leaves transform to brilliant yellow.

The American Linden starts out pyramidal in shape but becomes rounded at maturity. Its benefits go far beyond its ornamental features. The wood is valued for its light but strong nature and is suitable for a wide variety of uses. Parts of the tree have medicinal uses, and some consider the honey from Linden flowers to be some of the best available. Be careful when applying street or sidewalk ice melt/salt as Linden trees don’t do well with salts.

The American Linden tree is an excellent choice for almost any yard or landscape–simply plant it in full sun and enjoy it for years.

Hardy to -40°F
Maximum Elevation: 6,000 ft.

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